Corporate Life Truths that every Fresher starting their Career must know in 2020 careerforfreshers

Every Fresher starting their Career must know about Corporate Life Truths

Finally it is time to bid adieu to your good old college days and move on to another phase i.e. corporate life.

Finally it is time to bid adieu to your good old college days and move on to another phase i.e. corporate life. Bunking the classes, snoring in lectures, reaching late for the class, late night chats, gossiping with friends for long hours and many more lively things have to take a back-seat now. Reaching late may lead to a straight away salary cut, and laid back attitude in the first job is not welcomed by anyone.

There is a complete rule book that you will be required to follow as an ideal employee. But before you read that rule book of corporate etiquettes, let us introduce you to corporate life truths that as a fresher you must know.

While you must have heard of various facts about the corporate life, here are 8 harsh realities that no one will tell you frankly once you enter corporate setting. Some of them might seem rumors but they are fact and you won’t be able to escape them. It is only after you accept these realities of corporate world, that you will be able to tackle them later on!

More Efficiency = More Responsibility = More Work
Remember this corporate Rule: If you don’t perform, your boss will hate you. But if you perform exceedingly, you’ll be hated by your colleagues!!

It’s all about Money, Honey!
Remember this corporate Rule: Money is all, even if it doesn’t matches your interest, you are ought to work for the money in the initial years to gain the ROI invested in the education

Company’s Growth is top priority over personal growth
Remember this corporate Rule: Your welfare is directly proportional to the growth and profits churned by your productivity in the organization.

Think you are creative – Desk Job will soon kill it
Remember this corporate Rule: Desk Job will one day make you fall in love with the field job.

Accountability = Blame Game
Remember this corporate Rule: You are accountable for tasks that weren’t even your responsibility because you were linked to it in XYZ manner.

Key Responsibility Areas (KRA) KRA’s won’t match your Job Description
Remember this corporate Rule: Your job description is the primary bait to capture you. It is at the discretion of the organization to decide your core responsibilities.

You are easily Replaceable
Remember this corporate Rule: Work as if you need the company more than it needs you. There are numerous unemployed talented people out there waiting to grab your position.

Office Politics is no rumor
Remember this corporate Rule: Office politics is everywhere, and you cannot escape it, but do not get too involved in it otherwise it will spoil your career.