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Is working for a small company good for Freshers?

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Most fresh graduates when they come out of university, always dream of joining a big company which has big cafeteria, pick and drop facility, huge floors, classy furniture, foreign job opportunity etc and this is the standard definition of great job opportunity. To find such job opportunity, freshers roam around big IT parks or gigantic industrial areas so that they can secure a place at big companies.
However big firms have stringent recruitment criteria and as they look for more experienced professionals, it becomes more difficult day by day for fresh candidates to grab a job at such companies. Due to which freshers are always stuck in a vicious circle and waste significant amount of time, money and efforts just to secure a place in big companies.
On the contrary, as soon as some freshers come out of university, they immediately join a company from which they get their first job offer irrespective to the size of the company or the salary they are offering and start building their professionals profile without wasting time. This action helps them to avoid any gap between their education and first job increasing their credibility in the market. Here we are listing some advantages of joining a small firm so that freshers can evaluate these benefits and make appropriate career decision.

1. Your boss will notice you:

As there are less people working with you in a small company, there are more chances of getting noticed by your boss and get instant appreciation for your efforts and performance. You get numerous opportunities to prove your potential in a small company. There will be less crowd and more serious people working around you in small company so you will enjoy a great work culture there.

2. Better Learning Graph:
If you work in a small company, you will get a chance to interact with people from all departments such as HR, Accounts, Transport, Marketing etc as they are working closely with each other as resources are limited. People from all departments are accessible in small companies hence you get numerous opportunities to learn their work also. You will be able to closely monitor other people’s work and learn how other departments work.

3.  Faster promotions:
If you compare the career graph of a friend who is working with big company as compared to a friend who is working in a small company you can see that friend working in a small company has better job position and better salary due to the higher amount of roles and responsibilities. If you work in a small company you can get a chance to climb the ladder of hierarchy very easily and swiftly.

These are the best three benefits you can extract from working in a small company and it is very advantageous from freshers to join one!