25 future jobs trends that deserve your attention

25 future jobs trends that deserve your attention

The world is changing fast, and so is the job market. New professions are coming, and some are going away. Are you ready for the future?

25 jobs of the future

Although many careers will simply cease to exist, others will be created to meet new needs. They are:

1. Software developers: they are, and will still be for a long time, valued professionals in the market. They are part of the group that creates new systems to automate processes.

2. Specialists in User/Customer Experience: there are different variations for this professional in the market, such as Customer Success Analyst. The job of this professional is to provide all the necessary assistance to a client when a certain product is bought, or a service is hired. It is increasingly common to find these professionals in e-commerce companies and other platforms that pay close attention to the customer’s results and positive experience.

3. Creators: these professionals are already popular, and will remain so in the next few years. These are the people who create content online – they are also known as digital influencers.

4. Advisor to Creators: there are many agencies and professionals that take care of the careers of digital influencers, and the tendency is that more and more will be needed as new creators emerge.

5. Online teacher: distance learning tends to expand in the next few years, and teachers have started to notice the potential of the online classroom, which allows them to reach more students. This is a trump card for professionals who want to grow their business of spreading knowledge. The market of online courses is increasingly specialized and disseminated.

6. Coaching: a coach is a professional who helps other people advance in different areas of their lives, but especially their professional careers.

7. Physical activity coaching: now that social media has more and more influence on body image, the demand for people who want to exercise daily will continue to increase.

8. Digital marketing professional: even though this is an old profession, this professional has gained a lot of space in the online world, which led to specialization in this career focusing on the Internet.

9. Big data analyst: this is a professional that analyzes all the information from an online system, and can influence the course of a business or company.

10. Community manager: this professional is responsible for dealing with customers and communities around a company, collecting opinions in order to improve the business and the position of the company with these people. Some companies already have people in this position, which will surely expand in the next few years.

11. Environmental engineer: the environment has been suffering drastic changes, and this profession will be essential among the jobs of the future.

12. Hospital engineer: technology in hospitals has also evolved and new machines are developed for new treatments, surgeries, and the day-to-day lives of health professionals. That’s why hospital engineers are definitely among the jobs of the future.

13. Information security: this will be the professional that ensures that all digital information from a certain company isn’t tampered with or hacked.

14. Waste manager: the production of residue has increased considerably, especially the solid ones, which has led to the need of managing this matter.

15. 3D Architect and Engineer: in the engineering sector, architecture and urbanism, it will be possible to project spaces in 3D, and that’s why professionals should specialize in this area to provide a more realistic experience to their customers.

16. Wearables developer: wearables are glasses, lens, watches and other devices with some kind of technology that makes people’s lives easier. And the professionals that can develop these devices are going to be in high demand in the next few years.

17. Image consultant: similar to the physical activity coaches, an image consultant provides people with the best advice on how to look good. And not only in their personal lives, but professional as well, from haircuts to outfits.

18. Innovation manager: as much as this sounds like a generic term, it is already possible to find companies with this job offer. This professional will be responsible for rethinking the strategies of a company, be it in its core business or in some specific area, in order to improve their business model.

19. Geneticist: this is already a current profession that will gain more space in the upcoming years. Among the many tasks of a geneticist, is the possibility of identifying diseases a person might develop in the future, and act on it even before the symptoms appear.

20. Talents manager: managing talents goes a little bit beyond what the Human Resources does nowadays. It is necessary to identify and act more assertively on the strengths and weaknesses of people, to allow them to become better professionals in their careers.

21. Inside sales representative: the customer has now much more choices, and that’s why companies, especially those in the B2B market, have representatives that will approach the customer only when they have shown interest in the product. This means that sales will be more and more personalized, and assertive depending on the prospect.

22. E-commerce specialist: e-commerce is already a very common business model in people’s lives. However, with so many virtual stores competing online, standing out will be necessary to attract customers.

23. Mental health professional: professions that deal with matters of the mind (therapists and psychiatrists, for example) will still be in high-demand. The explanation is quite simple: it is still very unlikely that machines will replace the personalized care that these professionals have towards their patients.

24. Specialist in renewable or alternative energy: concern about the environment keeps on growing and it will not cease in upcoming years. On the contrary! The tendency is that it will be more and more necessary to think about alternative resources that won’t impact our environment. That’s why this kind of professional is extremely important in our future.

25. Financial manager: this professional is and will be for many years indispensable so that small and large businesses can manage their money and keep their finances in the black. As much as there is virtual intelligence that can do math better than humans, this position also comes with the responsibility of making decisions computers are not yet able to make.

Pay attention to the world around you and try to notice how you can contribute to solving demands or problems.

And, of course, study a lot. Seek different sources of knowledge, regardless of your position in the job market.

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