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25 deadly job interview mistakes that freshers should avoid

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It is very easy to apply for a job and get an invite from a recruiter to attend the interview. What is more difficult is to crack the interview and get a job offer. To do this there are certain untold rules of professionalism which have to be followed by freshers to get extra points in the interview in addition to their professional knowledge and qualification.

Unfortunately many job seekers miss a good job opportunity as they are not well aware about these etiquette rules or principles although they are well qualified as well as perfect fit for the position. So it is as important for a fresh job seeker to know what not to do during an interview as having a great resume and good references. We are sharing below some of the common interview mistakes that a fresh job seeker must avoid during facing an interview to get a golden ticket to reach the work floor. If you ensure to avoid the below mistakes you will definitely have better chances to grab the job opportunity.

1) Reaching for the interview too late or reaching too early.

2) Not bringing multiple copies of your CV or educational documents

3) Carrying documents loosely in hand or folding them

4) Unprofessional dressing like wearing jeans, fancy shirts, caps, sports shoes, sunglasses etc

5) Smoking just before the interview, chewing gums or eating chocolates while entering the interview cabin

6) Carrying smelly food in your bag or lunchbox

7) Wearing too much perfume or deodorant

8) Attending interview if you are not feeling well or if you are sick

9) Showing disrespect to other staff members like security staff or reception staff of the company

10) Frequently asking the reception staff about the status of waiting queue

11) Not greeting or thanking interviewer at the start and at end of the interview

12) Leaving your cell phone on loud mode, checking your cell phone too frequently, texting during the interview or interrupting the interviewer to attend a phone call

13) Flirting with interviewer or trying to entertain the interviewer like a stand-up comedian

14) Talking too much on irrelevant topics with the interviewer to pass the time and distract the interviewer

15) Appearing uninterested for interview or showing negative body language

16) Not knowing interviewer’s name or not knowing enough about the company

17) Telling interviewer that you need a job only to earn money

18) Using too much fillers like ‘you know’, ‘like’, ‘Ums and Ahs’, ‘well’, ‘actually’, ‘I mean’ etc

19) Asking too many questions about salary, holidays, weekly offs, food and travel arrangements and other benefits

20) Criticizing your last company or boss or colleagues

21) Showing interviewer that you are more focused on your own growth instead of contributing to company’s growth

22) Forgetting information about your own profile, work experience, projects etc

23) Not sending an appreciation mail after the interview

24) Forgetting or failing to request the interviewer about the mode of further communication or follow ups.

25) Not complying with the company’s security rules like carrying banned stuff in your bag.

If you wish to grab the job offer letter, try to avoid these mistakes during the interview. If you keep these mistakes in mind, you can increase the chances of getting notices and hence getting selected.

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