5 best tips for Freshers who are joining their first job! careerforfreshers

5 best tips for Freshers who are joining their first job!

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It is very important for freshers to understand what they need to do before hitting the floor for their first job. Most freshers are not aware about these important activities and they waste most precious period of their first job in figuring out how to utilize this learning phase. So here we are listing some of the amazing tips for freshers.
Absorb everything:
Always ask for feedback on your project work not only to your boss but also to your colleagues. Ensure that you take the feedback positively and sportingly work on them so that you can further improve your performance. You also need to understand the significance of team work as you cannot become successful without working in a team. You need to keep your eyes and ears open and grasp how other people on the floor are working, how they are talking, how they delivering presentation, how they are maintaining office etiquettes etc. This will definitely help you a lot in terms of building your professional image. So, first tip is to absorb best from every colleague. It will help you to build a promising resume.

Come out of your shell:
We all are in a comfortable zone during our university or college days. We live on our own terms and we are not ready to adjust. But once you join your first job and hit the floor you need to leave your comfort zone and be adaptable to all the situations. You have be very flexible while working with your colleagues and make best decision in worst situations or challenging situations. You need to work under extreme work pressure so patience is the key. If you are flexible enough on the floor, it will help you in opening up to learning. Go extra mile and try to learn everything which you could not learn during college or university. Every company has different work culture and you will only understand it if you come out of your shell.

Participate and contribute:
Most introvert people are less talkative and do not blend easily with others. But you need to leave behind this behavior behind if you want to become a successful professional and create your identity. First thing you need to do is to remove the invisible barriers that you have placed around you. Always remember your first impression on your boss and colleagues is important as it is going to continue in their minds for a long time so if you present yourself in a good way, if you interact with them with great attention, you will soon rule the floor. You need to also understand what is expected from you and give your 100% in comprehending whether you are delivering it or not. Don’t worry about failures, you must participate and contribute so that you can create your own aura.  

Plan and Achieve:
Serious and accurate planning is the key to successful learning. Plan you day by evenly distributing your work load so that you can avoid exertion. You need to keep yourself clear about your goals and you need to achieve them slowly and steadily. Work on one task or one target at a time. Don’t carry out multitasking until you become a master of juggling multiple activities simultaneously. Plan the targets, set the deadlines and focus on your work till you achieve the target. It will help you in improving your management skills.

Last but not the least; try to build strong relations with your boss as well as your senior and junior colleagues. Most of the times, you will get good leads on best job offers in the market through these contact and your references so adding more and more people to your network is very important. Also become active on social media platforms like LinkedIn and build a strong profile. Connect with your seniors from college, your juniors as well as your colleagues. You can also request recommendations which will help you in building the credibility of your profile.     

These are some best tips which will help freshers to make the best out of their job.