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Best tips to crack campus placement interview

Campus recruitment is the most important activity in a students life as it gives an opportunity to secure your first job. Your first job really matters as the road to your leadership and competencies begins right from the day one of your first job. Also once you come out of your higher education or the institute where you are pursuing your higher education, chances are very less for landing a good job opportunity as the off-campus competition is very stiff. So it is always recommended to give your best shot during campus recruitment drives. Here we are sharing few tips on how you can crack the campus interview.

1) Plan your journey in advance:

First thing that really matters is the job profile that companies are offering. You need to decide where to want to go and which profile suits the best as far as your skill sets and ambitions are concerned. You need to figure our yourself what are your goals or career objectives which you wish to achieve from your first jobs. You need to sort out whether you are expecting to extract great learning experience from your first job or you are looking for higher compensations. So first step is to properly identify your objectives in advance couple of days before the campus recruitment drive begins.

2) Understand your CV:

It is the most significant thing that every student must do before facing the campus recruitment drives. Most students just copy and paste some one else’s CV just for the sake of presenting or submitting it during the interview or as a part of a formality. But recruiters can easily figure out whether you have genuinely written your own CV or just created a replica of your fiend’s CV. It is very crucial that you should demonstrate some uniqueness in your CV so that you can show the recruiter that you know yourself very well. You have to be very clear about each and every word you have written in your CV so that even if the recruiter tries to set some verbal traps, you can ensure that you can save yourself from falling into the trap and sail smoothly through the interview.

3) Improve your Communication:

Most student have a wrong impression that they can easily crack a campus interview if they have good grades in all exams as well as in projects however it is equally important how you demonstrate your knowledge and skill sets. Most recruiters watch for your communication while evaluating your performance in the interview. If you are not able to communicate well and properly explain what you did during your days at university, how you achieved good grades, how you planned your college project, what difficulties you faced during a presentation or seminar, how you are going to contribute to company’s growth if you are selected then just good grades won’t help you in cracking the interview. So communication is as important as your academic record.

4) Don’t Imitate your friends: 

Unlike your university exams where you compete with each others, campus interviews are meant to prove yourself. It is not merely a competition against your friends but it is platform where you can show how you are capable to perform. So you have to leave your attitude of imitating your friends like similar to what you have been doing during exams. In exams, you probably read the same notes or even the same chapters or units that your friends are preparing but in interview you need to create a unique pattern or a flow of information that suits the best to your personality or your skill sets.

5) Act professionally:

Last but not the least, act professionally. You need to follow a professional dress code while attending the interview. As campus placement drive is a mass recruitment process and sometimes you get less time to interact with the recruiter, it is very important to impress a recruiter in that short period and that could be done with proper dressing and showing proper interview etiquette. If you are successful to present yourself in best way during the campus interview, you already win the half battle.

These are few important tips which will definitely help you to crack the campus recruitment interview. In addition to these you have to prepare additionally for group discussion round, technical interviews as well as logical reasoning and other written tests.

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