How to identify a job scam or a fake job offer?

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Due to digital innovations and rapid advancements in the online business platforms, many industries are emerging and continuously hiring professionals with the help of online hiring tools. It has become a huge trend in the recruitment and placement arena but many scamsters have also emerged with this trend. Today’s job scammers are so sophisticated that it is very difficult to recognize which is genuine job offer and which is a job scam. 
Job Scammers present very attractive job offers and lure their victims towards a trap. Many scammers also convince the job seekers that they are going to place them abroad across big brands with all help in visas and other mandatory formalities. Many of the job scammers also tell the job seekers that they will get luxurious accommodation, amazing transportation as well as all insurance and healthcare benefits. Some of the job scammers go extra mile and also make promises about easily getting permanent residence or even green card or citizenships of top countries and in exchange they dupe the job seekers with huge money. We continuously witness numerous recent cases of such job or employment frauds happening everywhere across the globe.


So how to check whether the job offer is genuine or it is a scam? Here is a list of warning signs:



1) The job offer is too attractive:

If a recruiter tells you that you will get a work from home job in US with green card and luxurious apartment from company in a posh area with all travelling expenses, they are 99% lying about the job offer. Such jobs are hard to find and these are some red flags that you should be looking at while identifying a fake job offer.

2) Fake Email domains:

All of the recruiters always carry out email communication from valid email address or company email address. They never use their personal email address for hiring purpose nor they use their personal phone or mobile number to talk or take any telephonic interview. So for example, if you are getting emails from an email id which reads then you can trust that this should be a genuine job offer however if you get email from then this is definitely a biggest sign of job scam. So always check whether the job offer is coming from company’s authorized email address or some email address on gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc

3) Job offer after online or telephonic interview:

Most companies rely on face to face interviews and that too after at least 2 or 3 rounds of primary and secondary screening or shortlisting. Most company’s usually take telephonic interview followed by face to face interview and proper document verification process. If someone is offering you a job just by taking one telephonic or online interview without disclosing their identity, then most probably it is a scam.

4) Asking for Personal Information:

A genuine company never asks for you personal information like bank details, credit card details, debit cards details, address, contact number etc on phone. Most companies ask a job seeker to visit company office and ask only for Name, address, contact details and that too on company’s official form. They never ask for bank details or your credit or debit card details. So keep this in mind and always check if the job scammers are trying to extract any sensitive details from you.

5) Asking for Deposit:

No company ever asks to deposit any money in any kind of account or never make any transaction in cash in exchange of job so this is the biggest red flag while identifying a scammer. If someone is asking you to deposit money in the name of security deposit or some kind of professional fees, it is 200% a scam and you should immediately report this to local police as well as the company where the scammers are using the company’s name to carry out these fraudulent activities. 
These are some of the warning signs of a job scam. If you take necessary precautions, you can save yourself and others from falling prey.
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