Mega Hiring for Fresher & Entry Level Positions in 2020 - 2021

Job hunting: Know your worth

When there are more job hunters than open positions, it’s easy to feel as if the hiring manager has more power. But personal finance coach and author Ramit Sethi tells CNBC it’s important to not fall into that trap.  Applicants must remember that it’s not just about getting the job, but also evaluating if this opportunity is the right one for them — just like how the company is also assessing them.

Here are some of his job search tips in a pandemic market:

First, get crystal clear on your dream job or company. Don’t just say you want to “work in tech,” he said, be specific about your preferences, such as company size and culture. Then, do your research to find the most suitable openings.

  1. Identify one to 10 companies you really want to work for, rather than just sending hundreds of CVs out.
  2. Choose companies to work for not just based on industry, but also company size, culture and other attributes.
  3. Consider asking for non-financial benefits, like flexible hours, during salary negotiation.

“With the proper research, 80% of your work should be done before you ever sit down for an interview,” said Sethi.

Credit : Yunita Ong

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