Jobs Opportunities Increase In Engineering, Healthcare, Telecom

More Jobs Opportunities In Engineering, Healthcare, Telecom

These three sectors in India are estimated to create 12 million jobs by FY26 in India, says a study.

On the “verge of an Industry 4.0 transformation”, engineering, telecom, and healthcare sectors are estimated to generate around 12 million jobs by financial year 2026, Economic Times reports, citing a study by TeamLease Digital. The study, which is based on a survey of over 750 employers and leaders across these segments, says that one reason for this is the increase in digitisation and greater application of technology.

Demand for niche skills in these areas is also surging as a result of foreign direct investment and production-linked incentive scheme. So much so that the demand for specialised talent is likely to nearly double to an estimated nine million in four years. Chennai and Bengaluru will be among the top metros for hiring between 2022-2026, the report adds.

Currently, the three sectors together make up for around 8.7% of India’s workforce. Employers are also exploring the gig model of working, hiring short-term staffers who work for one or multiple employers at a time.

By Sonal Gupta, Editor at LinkedIn News