Powerful sentences to impress a recruiter during online job interviews

Powerful sentences to impress a recruiter during online job interviews

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Your vocabulary or word choice can make a huge difference while interacting with a recruiter. Most job seekers struggle a lot while choosing the right words as well as correct expressions during an entry level interview especially when recruiter asks some off-track questions for which the candidates have not prepared.
For example, most job seekers speak fluently when they are asked to give an introduction or when the recruiter asks common interview questions like why should we hire you, where do you see yourself in next 5 years etc but if a recruiter asks an off-track question like explaining the job seeker’s perspective about a particular situation then job seekers start fumbling. So to avoid such embarrassing situations, one should always keep some impressive vocabulary or phrases ready.
It is very easy to handle an interview like a master if you know which keywords you should be using for specific situations or particular set of questions. You need to remember one thing that recruiters meet number of candidates on daily basis and they can figure out very easily whether you have mugged up the interview questions or you are genuinely answering them so make sure that you can answer each and every question not just with confidence but simultaneously showcasing your command on English or overall communication. So here are some examples of most powerful sentences and key sentences which you can use to impress the recruiter.

Expressions to Greet:

1) Hello Sir/Madam! I am _____ and it is a great pleasure for me to be here for interview.

2) Good morning Sir/Madam. My name _____ is and I would like to thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity.

3) Good morning Sir/Madam. My name is _____ and I would like to thank you for considering my application for this position.

4) Hello! I am _____ and first of all congratulations for winning the award/for your contribution in/ for your performance in.

5) I’m very grateful to Mr/Ms _____ as he/she has recommended me by for this position!

Expressions to Explain:

1) I’ve been industriously searching for this position since a very long time.

2) That is why I always wanted to work here and I know I can contribute a lot in this project as I have expertise in_____.

3) I’m very glad to get a chance to appear for an interview because I’m very keen to work in this company because I can ensure that _____.

4) Rest is assured that I can deliver outstanding results in ______ if you hire me.

Expressions to showcase strength:

1) I think I am perfect fit for this position because I possess necessary skills sets in _____ as per the job roles and responsibilities.

2) My skills and technical knowledge will help me to boost the overall performance of this project.

3) I’m very proficient in _____ and that’s why I think I’ll be able to handle this position more effectively and efficiently.

4) I can confidently say that my top 3 skills are: _____, _____ and _____ which make me suitable for this position.

Expressions for the end of the interview:

1) Before I leave, I wish to thank you for this amazing opportunity. I hope my profile is best suitable and well aligned with your expectations.

2) Thank you very much for your time today. I really appreciate for giving me this opportunity to attend the interview.

3) I want to thank you for giving me this interview opportunity. I look forward to the final results of this interview and I hope we see each other again very soon!

4) It was a pleasure meeting you and I want to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity!