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What a fresher should do on the night before the day of the interview?

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It is very important for fresh graduates to set some goals before appearing for an interview. Most recruiters judge the fresh graduates in first 5 to 10 minutes of the interview and if freshers do not utilize these first few minutes carefully, it becomes difficult for freshers to impress the recruiters during rest of the interview and they may end up losing good job opportunities. Hence we are sharing few important tips below which can help fresh graduates to prepare for the interview in advance on the night before the day of the interview and impress the recruiter next day and grab their first job like a piece of cake. 

Understand your own CV:

It is the most significant thing that every fresh graduate must do. Before introducing yourself to anyone it is important that first you should know yourself very well. It is very difficult to market yourself during an interview if you do not know what you exactly want and what are your goals and objectives, or what skills or qualities you have and how you can contribute to the growth of the company. You have to be very clear about each and every word you have written in your CV so that even if the recruiter tries to set some verbal traps, you can ensure that you can save yourself from falling into the trap and sail smoothly through the interview.

Take enough rest:
Recruiter would never like to interview a disoriented person with red and sleepy eyes so you need to take enough rest on the night before the interview. It will not only help you to remove fatigue but also help you psychologically. If you take enough rest, you will feel fresh, calm and cheerful. Also avoid late night parties the night before the interview so that you do not reach the company gate with a severe headache. Also ensure that your dress is ready, your nails are clipped, your hair well-styled and suitable for a professional look, your shoes are properly polished and to do this ensure that you have kept enough time margin to prepare for this stuff.

Know everything about the company:
This is the most common suggestion that a fresh graduate gets every time but do not take this suggestion lightly. When we say “know everything about the company” does not mean just to go on company’s website and only read the ‘About us’ page, you need to go extra mile to ensure that you have gone through their vision and mission statements and check whether your career goals are well aligned with them. Also try to understand each and every piece of information provided with respect to company’s products and services and do not forget to showcase your knowledge to recruiters regarding those products and services and also demonstrate how you can help the company to grow in a fruitful direction. Also remember to carry with your some information regarding company’s management team or the leadership team. Do not forget to read the job description, roles and responsibilities at least five times and make yourself very clear about their requirements.       

Choose the early time slot:
In most cases you do not get an option to choose the time slot for an interview but in any case you are lucky enough and get that chance, try to schedule your interview at early as possible in the morning. As you are fresh in the morning and stress free as compared to any point of time during the rest of the day, you will feel more confident during the interview. On the contrary if you choose later slots, you will definitely experience the burden of the interview throughout the first half of the day and it will have a huge impact on your preparation as well as your confidence level.

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Make your travel plan in advance:
If you reach for the interview on time and the recruiter notices it then you already start scoring good points right from that moment. So to reach on time, it is very important to check the location of the interview venue and make your plans in advance regarding your mode of transport, travelling time etc. Always consider the time margin for traffic congestion and select the best mode of transport. Avoid using multiple modes of public transport so that you do not spoil your mood or end up reaching the interview venue in a complete chaotic state and untidy appearance.  In case you are not at all aware about the location, try to carry out a mock drill and visit the office one day before your interview so that you are well aware about the best transportation options available for that particular location.

 These are some of the important tips which will help job seekers to prepare for their interview in advance. Last, but not the least, be relaxed and avoid any anxiety before the interview or the day before the interview as it may disturb your focus. Believe in yourself and give your best shot without worrying too much about the results!