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Mi Required for Data and Cost Management Analyst | Bangkok | Thailand

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company founded by Lei Jun in 2010 and headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, bags, trimmers, earphones, MI Television, shoes, fitness bands, and many other products

Data and Cost Management Analyst

Job description:
Responsible for the collection, screening, classification and collation of overseas regional and national sales data;
Output data report, complete data content analysis, and draw conclusions;
Make daily, weekly and monthly data reports, and be able to submit them on time;
Bookkeeping and management of retail expenses and write-off materials;
Assist overseas regions in data management and set up a set of data management tools.
Strong sense of responsibility, good sense of service and team spirit;
Able to complete work independently and have a certain ability to summarize data;
Bachelor’s degree, at least 2 years of data processing experience, good at excel operation, good at sorting data, making statements, skilled in using functional formulas, good at perspective and visual presentation;
Have a basic knowledge of English, can read the English version of the data, can be simple to hear.

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