Everyone needs to adapt new ways of working

Everyone needs to adapt new ways of working

Not sure if most of us remember that when we applied for our current job…we submitted a CV which had a “Summary”

This summary spoke tons about all positive qualities ingrained in us…right from Adaptability, Problem Solving, Quick Learner, Open for new challenges etc….some of us had read Nostradamus and could sense Covid hitting us …they went further and wrote the most popular leadership trait these days….”Resilient”

So friends now is the time to prove all what we wrote and got hired for wasn’t myth !!

Given the stress and intense competition Covid will leave us with…it will be fight for fittest and its a no brainer who will survive!!

Everyone needs to unlearn and learn, adapt to new ways of working, master a new skill…and yes understand world has taken huge steps in AI…its no longer just RPA..it has graduated to Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics and so on.

Hiring Managers aren’t now focussing on what you have been doing all these years…now the focus is on what you have learned in last 1 year…what investment’s you have made on yourself and what are you doing to stay in the game !

So keep Investing / Upskilling/ Reskilling yourself….else you will get too old to get hired…not in age but in Skills !