How to handle a telephonic interview and easily make your way to next round? careerforfreshers

How to handle a telephonic interview and easily make your way to next round?

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Instead of scheduling face to face interview, these days most recruiters are relying on telephonic interviews to shortlist qualified fresher candidates as the turnout for Fresher jobs is always high. Telephonic interview round helps the recruiters to properly screen most relevant fresher candidates based on parameters like communication, skills, knowledge etc and avoid any unsolicited job applications.

Although the telephonic interview provides upper edge to the recruiters and helps them to reach out to the best talent pool, however we understand that it could be a scary or demoralizing experience for freshers for very obvious reason that most of them are new to this kind of encounter. Fresher candidates often intentionally avoid talking to recruiter on call and they try to communicate via emails due to their nervousness or awkwardness.  But believe us, it is the best thing to face if you are serious about getting hired.
 It is very important not just for freshers only but for all professionals to make them comfortable in taking calls as you never know when a lifetime opportunity can knock your door. So read through these quick list of dos and don’ts of handling telephonic interview which can help you to impress the recruiter and make your way to the next rounds of interviews.

Telephonic Interview Dos:

1) Always keep your interview study material handy for your reference. It is advisable to include information about all the companies you are applying to in a notebook and keep that notebook handy as well. Also keep a notepad handy so that you can make a note of important information passed on by the recruiter.

 2) Always keep a water bottle or at least a glass of water near you so that you can have a sip immediately in case you feel dryness in throat due to continuous talking.
3) If you have a schedule telephonic interview, do a quick mock drill of interview before the call. It is advisable to carry a unique script with you for telephonic interview however do not sound like you are reading the script just keep it for your reference.
4) If you have any television, music system, mobile phones, alarm watches around your make sure to either switch them off or turn on silent mode.
5) If you are living with your friends or family, inform them in advance not to disturb you for next couple of hours until the interview ends.
6) Keep yourself focused and be a good listener. Avoid standing near a door or window or anything which may distract you.
7) Keep a smile on your face while talking to the recruiter so that your voice tone can leave positive impression on the recruiter. However avoid laughing out loud as it may feel little weird.
8) Always request a recruiter how he or she wants to proceed with further hiring process i.e. whether the recruiter is going to send any follow mail or call back. This will demonstrate that you are serious about securing the job.
9) Remember to greet the recruiter at the start of the conversation and thank at the end.
10) Always use words like ‘pardon me’ or ‘excuse me’ if there is some disturbance in conversation.

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Telephonic Interview Don’ts:

 1) Never attend a call while you are driving or you are in traffic congestion. Always request the recruiter to share the contact details and ask for a convenient time to call back.
2) Do not interrupt the recruiter while he or she is talking as it leaves a bad impression. Always ensure that the recruiter has finished whatever he or she wants to say and then only respond.
 3) Do not ask repetitive questions to the recruiter on job location, job description, job role and responsibilities in case the recruiter has already shared this information with you before the call.
4) Avoid giving long, boring and irrelevant answers. You should always give very specific and precise answers hitting the right nail.
5) Avoid eating chewing gums, drinking coffee or smoking so that you can avoid unnecessary gaps or breaks during your communication.
6) Avoid fake British or American accents unless the interview is for voice process and you are confident about the voice delivery. Remember that the recruiter is not hiring you for your accent but for your knowledge. Always speak slowly and ensure that your voice is clearly heard.
7) Don’t touch the salary part unless asked by the recruiter about salary expectations. As you are facing a preliminary part of a hiring process, rushing to salary part on telephonic interview shows immaturity of the job seeker.
8) Do not try to forcibly fill the gaps between the conversations as recruiter may feel that you are in hurry and want to end the interview as early as possible.
9) Avoid any negative points about your profile or your work experience during the telephonic interview and keep them for face to face interview or later rounds. Avoid criticizing your previous employer or colleague or avoid complaining about anything.
10) Avoid proving fake details about your qualification, work experience or CV as these details would be verified at some stage of the hiring process.
These are some important tips regarding cracking a telephonic interview successfully. These small tips will definitely assist you in making way to the next round of interview.