Google Business Internship 2021 | Close 6th April 2021

Google Business Internship 2021 | Close 6th April 2021

Google Business Internship is open to students from all academic disciplines. As a Business Intern within this program, you will not be required to have technical skills. You will work with advertiser or publisher accounts to develop compelling advertising solutions for brand advertisers, improving access to relevant information for millions of internet users, analyzing large sets of data for our finance team, or developing scalable support solutions for rapid-growth internally or externally.

Business Intern, 2021

Job Responsibility:

Be responsible for the job responsibilities and detailed projects determined based on educational background, interests, and skills.
As a Business Intern, you’ll be work on challenging projects with high-visibility during a 12 week paid, full-time internship. You will be assigned a manager, who will help you to identify project goals, while also inspiring you, mentoring you, and supporting your professional development.

Minimum qualifications:
Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
Currently in your penultimate year of study

Preferred qualifications:
Knowledge of the internet and Google’s technology and business
Ability to navigate, innovate and implement ideas
Ability to apply analytical and interpersonal skills to strategic business-centric intern projects
Demonstrated ability to be self-motivated and an independent thinker

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