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Steps to stand out for a new job

The job market has always been competitive, especially so after Covid-19. But you can take some steps to stand out.

▶Know what you want to do. When talking to prospective hiring managers or people in your network, tell them about your strong points and the specific role you are looking for.

▶Ask yourself if you have the skills for a particular job. Employers are looking for people who can meet or exceed the required criteria and don’t want to settle for a less-than-perfect fit.

▶Market yourself. Your knowledge or reputation will not speak for itself. You need a concise pitch to show that you’re a great fit for a role.

▶Network. Find relevant people to connect to, including HR personnel and hiring managers. Join networking groups online.

▶Keep trying. The job search can take a long time to yield results. But do not give up. Take the rejection and pick yourself up again.

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